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  • Victoria Amezcua

Keeping your Doctor’s Office Clean

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

People who work in the medical profession are entrusted with the health and welfare of their patients, so their facilities and offices must be models of sterile, dirt-free, and stain-free cleanliness. Take the case of doctors, for example: a Doctor’s Office needs to be spotless in order to reassure patients that they will not become subjected to unwanted germs and viruses when they visit. Most patients are not really fond of going to the doctor, but a sanitary and hygienic office can help a lot to put them at ease and reinforce the impression that the doctor is a competent and qualified professional. If you’ve just begun your medical practice, know that the level of cleanliness of your office will say volumes about you; even before you introduce yourself to the patient. Basic cleaning, dusting and garbage disposal won’t cut it: you will need to do some deep cleaning to make your office worthy enough to practice in. Your Property Care Building Services team is here to give you (and your staff) some tips about how to keep your Doctor’s Office clean:

  • Observe basic cleanliness guidelines – Make sure that you wash your hands after each patient’s visit. Used medical gloves should be disposed of in infectious waste containers after use. DO NOT reuse them. Sterilize medical tools immediately after use, and throw away any disposable medical paraphernalia (items like vials, tongue depressors, and syringes) immediately after use.

  • Clean furniture and fixtures – Thoroughly dust and vacuum all chairs (or wipe them down with disinfectant if you’re using plastic chairs) and tables. While you’re at it clean all the doorknobs and light switch fixtures with disinfectant as well. Disinfect all tables, cabinets and medical equipment and tools. Clean and disinfect any electrical equipment (Computers, TV sets). Replace waiting area magazines daily (if possible, or disinfect them). Keep your furniture stain-free. Lastly, use disposable paper for the exam room and wipe it down with that good old disinfectant.

  • Dispose of medical waste – Do not keep trash piling up: dispose early, and dispose daily. Use specific receptacles and bags for any biohazard waste and dispose of it immediately. Disinfect any work areas, furniture, medical instruments and tools that come into contact with biohazard waste. If there is a spillage of biohazard waste or medicine, clean it up immediately as well. Use the appropriate detergents and cleansers and don’t let any spills linger.

  • Go room-to-room – Check all of the office’s spaces and rooms to ensure they are clean and spotless: check the restrooms (patient and employee) and thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilets (check your disinfectant’s instructions for frequency and procedure), the faucets, and the sink. Replace the toilet paper and paper towels as needed.

  • CLAYGO (Clean as you go) – strictly enforce the CLAYGO rule for all employees (yourself included): this includes examination areas, staff break room/kitchen/lunchroom, and work areas/desks. Keep desks and work areas clutter-free, and reinforce this by using signage and the occasional reminders.

Keeping your Doctor’s Office clean may seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off dividends in terms of keeping you and your staff healthy and productive. It will also pay off by keeping your patients germ-free, virus-free, comfortable, and reassured; ensuring a pleasant experience for all. Besides, you don’t want to work in a filthy office, do you?

Make sure that your Doctor’s Office is sanitary and hygienic. If you need help; then Property Care Building Services can help you with full janitorial services, floor cleaning and care, metal restoration, and other commercial cleaning services. Give us a call at 626-476-6741, or contact us online for all of your cleaning inquires and to find out more.

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